<transcy>PERSEO - PIAZZA SIGNORIA</transcy>


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Photo by Guido Cozzi
Collection Piazza Signoria

Limited Edition Print Numbered and Signed by the Artist with Certificate of Authenticity

Available formats and circulation:
- 60x40 cm - 30 copies
- 90x60 cm - 9 copies

- 135x90 cm - 9 copies

Available Mountings and Technical Details:
- Print Only - Inkjet Print on Paper Canson Baryta Photographique
- Print with Passepartout and Wood Frame in Black or Natural Wood - Print
Inkjet on Canson Paper Baryta Photographique
- Print under Plexiglass on aluminum support (D-bond) - Lambda print on Ilford
Photographic Paper

External Dimensions:
- Wooden Frame: 60x40 cm> 80x65 cm
90x60 cm> 110 x80 cm
135x90 cm> 155x110 cm

- For the Plexiglass Mounting the External Dimensions are equivalent to the
Dimensions of the Work