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Sconto 15% Stampe Fine Art - Codice NEW_WEBSITE
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The word Caleiodoscopio (Kaleiodoscope) is a neologism freely constructed with the fusion of three words of Greek origin: Kalos (beautiful), Eidos (figure, shape), Skopeo (I observe). The inventor's idea was to make the purpose of the instrument immediately perceptible while maintaining a reference to Greek classicism and the aesthetic refinement of that civilization.

The electronic kaleidoscope, generated by a Photoshop function, follows that logic: it brings into play the theories of Renaissance neoclassicism, disassembles and reassembles lines and proportions by intersecting graphics and mixing colors. Architectures, sculptures, frescoes, regenerating images that the eye recognizes as floral, closing the circle of creation and returning - in some way - to Nature.