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  • L'Imaginaire des Ecorces

    L'Imaginaire des Ecorces

    Steadily, little by little, trees have entered into the “spirit of our times”: films, exhibitions and books dedicated to them are more and more numerous. With great astonishment, we have finally understood that [...] 

  • Liquid Shape

    Liquid Shape

    Consumerism has made us consumers ... we are all worried not so much by "not being able to buy the essential" as much as by "not being able to buy to feel part of modernity". Attitudes, ideas and symbols are copied, not for [...]

  • Belvedere


    Photographing from above (but not too high up) is a matter of narrative technique rather than simple point of view. When photographing a street, the throngs of pedestrians and cars merge into a shapeless mass, obstructing [...] 

  • Una Città Invisibile

    Una Città Invisibile

    It is the mood of the beholder which gives the city of Zemrude its form. If you go by wistling, your nose a-tilt behind the wistle, you will know it from below: window sills, flapping courtains, fountains. If you walk along hanging your head [...] 

  • New York - the N.Y. SEE project

    New York - the N.Y. SEE project

    This exhibition is the culmination of the N.Y.SEE Project, a three-year collaboration between 31 talented professional photographers and three stock photo agencies: eStock Photo (New York, USA), Simephoto (Veneto, Italy) and 4Corners Images (London, England). The brainchild of [...] 

  • I Giorni dell'Alluvione

    I Giorni dell'Alluvione

    Balthazar Korab was one of the most sought-after professional photographers of architecture in the United States during the 1960s. Korab will often claim that his life and career have been shaped more by coincidences than [...]  

  • A Place in Between

    A Place in Between

    While stepping into a place, you are in a state of displacement and [...]  

  • The Most Wanted Visionaries

    The Most Wanted Visionaries

    The exhibition includes a selection of 20 works from The Most Wanted Visionaries Catalog, specially printed and framed for the exhibition. Works appearing in the MWV Collection represent the best of Mobile Art [...]

  • God’s Sketchbooks

    God’s Sketchbooks

    While visualizing a great Leonardo’s codex, Ghigo Roli, a Modena photographer who has gained a long-standing experience, explores some natural forms trying to discover their most intimate mathematical structure. Golden sections, fractals [...]

  • Refiore


    Thanks to a range of expressive means, this photography exhibition manages to evocate the magical atmosphere of Flemish paintings : from mirrors amplifying the space of the scene to a number of luminous sources of light [...]

  • écorces


    Through the pictures of barks I honour the trees which revealed them to my wonder and delight. Through the ages and even now trees bestow their gifts on mankind [...]

  • Piccole Storie dai Balcani

    Piccole Storie dai Balcani

    Mario Boccia, special witness of the Balkan conflict, shows us through his pictures several small stories from those terrible years: men, women, kids and their faces give us the chance to focus on war and postwar human aspect [...]

  • Presidents


    The exhibition “PRESIDENTS” by renowned photographer Harry Benson is a selection of 15 photos of eleven American Presidents. The exhibition is organized in collaboration with  [...]

  • Caratteri da Collezione

    Caratteri da Collezione

    The exhibit “Collectible Characters” will be shown in Florence as per the express wish of the directors of one of the major journals of Chinese art, Chinese Calligraphy and Painting (Zhongguo Shu Hua), a monthly magazine [...]

  • La Casa dei Libri

    La Casa dei Libri

    “A book-shop is never just a shop, even though it can sometimes look like one…” […]”  What is of real interest for a photographer is to capture the moods of his travels” […]

  • In the light of darkness

    In the light of darkness

    In the autumn of last year Kate Brooks published her first book called “In the Light of Darkness – a Photographer’s Journey after 9/11”  which collects the most significant and evocative shots taken  [...]

  • Listen


    The “Listen” project, for the first time shown in Italy, is Newsha Tavakolian’s endeavour to place her most recent work on the borderline between documentary photography and artwork, experimenting new forms of narration and representation. [...]

  • Relitti


    “Humanity is not wrecked, it is in construction.  It belongs to History.  History which is often tragic, and often  unfair, but it is without doubt a part of everyday life”  (Marc Augé). If we could choose the appropriate  images to illustrate this famous anthropologist [...]

  • Atlantide 20 anni

    Atlantide 20 anni

    Atlandide 20 anni tries, through this exhibition, to tell the story of Atlantide Phototravel, a Florentine photographic agency specializing in travel coverage, and custodian of an archive comprising 250,000 images taken [...]

  • Babele: Non Pervenuta

    Babele: Non Pervenuta

    As the first year of Tethys Gallery’s activity draws to a close, we decided to celebrate the photographers that have taken part in this new experience.  Therefore “Babel,  unreported” was conceived, a collective of thirteen photographers [...]

  • E tra Pittura e Fotografia

    E tra Pittura e Fotografia

    The intention of “E” is to put together a compendium of work which has in common, apart from the use of photography as its artistic language, its  attention to detail.  Angelo Chiti, Claudia Hendel/ Lucia Papini and Alessandro Sardelli [...]

  • H.P.


     “As I once said, a woman’s body is a marvellous thing;  in publicity it is by far the better image, better than the product that it is trying to sell…But a lot depends on how that body is depicted and for what reason it is being resorted [...]

  • Busajo


    “In 2010 I suggested to my friends Marino and Lucia that we should shoot a video to illustrate Busajo Onlus and therefore to bring it closer to its sponsors and also to document the generous and efficient work carried out by Smiling Children Town [...]