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Exhibitions Relitti

“Humanity is not wrecked, it is in construction.  It belongs to History.  History which is often tragic, and often  unfair, but it is without doubt a part of everyday life”  (Marc Augé).
If we could choose the appropriate  images to illustrate this famous anthropologist’s idea, these would surely be “Relics” by Davide Virdis.  The 6 large format photographs of the “Relics” collection are an introduction into the world of Davide Virdis, a world of ruined buildings, dilapidated factories, places of silence and abandonment, where work, business and dreams are ruined and remain suspended, forgotten.
A decadent world where walls, machinery and furniture loose their physical form and appear fragile, the only solid element being Time, which conserves traces of  the stories that Virdis, venturing into the crumbling rubble, collects and conjures up.