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Exhibitions In the light of darkness

In the autumn of last year Kate Brooks published her first book called “In the Light of Darkness – a Photographer’s Journey after 9/11”  which collects the most significant and evocative shots taken while travelling in war zones during  a 10 year journey, accompanied by her personal essays which report events, thoughts, fears and dreams of those years.
In this exhibition, her first in Italy, Kate Brooks traces this long journey which starts from the mountains of Tora Bora, arriving at the various squares which have witnessed the so called Arab Spring revolutions, and  passing through the resignation of the Egyptian Prime Minister Hosni Mubarak and the Libyan   war.  The selection of photos in the exhibition tries to follow Kate Brooks’ intentions and personal motives, and her inspiration and intention of documenting not so much the conflict as its consequences on the lives of ordinary people.