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Exhibitions God’s Sketchbooks

While visualizing a great Leonardo’s codex, Ghigo Roli, a Modena photographer who has gained a long-standing experience, explores some natural forms trying to discover their most intimate mathematical structure. 

Golden sections, fractals, cellular automata and hyperbolic paraboloids are the theoretical score which, through Ghigo Roli’s images, takes its shape in a music made of sea urchins, cauliflowers and other little wonders. It is a secret harmony which alludes to an immense but decipherable algorithm; it is a drawing that sketches out a new vision of creation where all the performers compute with attention, respecting the time and the rules of a great programme. It is an Anima Mundi  in a dynamic balance between order and chaos, entropy and harmony. 

All the photographs are golden rectangles, and the measures of their sides (34 x 55 cm and 55 X 89 cm) belong to the sequence of Fibonacci numbers. 

Photos by GHIGO ROLI