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Exhibitions Caratteri da Collezione


The exhibit “Collectible Characters” will be shown in Florence as per the express wish of the directors of one of the major journals of Chinese art, Chinese Calligraphy and Painting (Zhongguo Shu Hua), a monthly magazine of the Journal of Economics in Beijing, and the Korean National Academy of Calligraphic Arts through its director, Professor Ye Xin. All of these people have charged me, Nicola Piccioli, and Paola Billi, Master founders of FeiMo Contemporary Calligraphy, with the responsibility for the project and with the aim of opening a cultural dialogue between countries whose presence in the international context is increasingly significant.
During the preparation of this important event of mutual understanding between continents of different but equally sophisticated artistic tradition, we found it only natural to involve the region of Tuscany and one of Florence’s most distinctive features – in this case, the Via Maggio antiques galleries – in the hope of giving life to a new era of mutual understanding, respect and fruictful cultural and economic exchange with China. (Nicola Piccioli)

The works of “Collectible Characters” were exhibited in Tethys Gallery, the contemporary art galleries and antiques galleries of “Via Maggio”.