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Exhibitions Busajo

“In 2010 I suggested to my friends Marino and Lucia that we should shoot a video to illustrate Busajo Onlus and therefore to bring it closer to its sponsors and also to document the generous and efficient work carried out by Smiling Children Town in helping the street kids of Soddo.  In April I left for Ethiopia.
I lived at the Centre for a week, in close contact with the children that are housed there, taking time to gain their confidence, and trying to put everyone at their ease in front of the camera.  I think that the affectionate relationship that I was able to establish  is visible on the video, as is the infectious joy of the happy children, conscious of the opportunity that they have to grow and study surrounded by the love and care of those who are engaged in this project” (Marco Paoli)
The exhibition, comprising 27 shots and a video by Marco Paoli, was created in order to illustrate the activities of the Busajo Onlus Society that works with the street kids of Soddo, in Ethiopia.  The proceeds of the sale of the photos on show at the exhibition will go to the Smiling Children Town, a project for the education and the professional training of  children.

 Photos by MARCO PAOLI