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  • Gypsy Interiors

    Gypsy Interiors

    This is a collection of portraits taken amongst the gypsies of the Moldavian and Rumanian communities.  They tell the story of the daily intimacy of this happy, exuberant and noisy people.  It is a group portrait  of a people who [...]

  • Dream City

    Dream City

    Dream City takes its name from a fun fair in Iraqi Kurdistan,  and is the result of a journey into the fantasy world of  amusement parks which are to be found in the various corners of the globe.  In spite of the fact that the cultural and socio-political [...]

  • White


    Small fur-trees weighted down with snow, bare larches.  Tiny skiers, like paper cutouts on a snow-white sheet.  Small cableways highlighted against the ashen sky.  Huge rock walls encrusted with white, glimpsed through the mist.  These [...]

  • Elaborazioni d'Egitto

    Elaborazioni d'Egitto

    For the past two hundred years Egypt has undoubtedly fascinated the western observer.  The European (and not only) iconography, from painting to design, from architecture to advertising, is, consciously or not, often imbued [...]