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  • Polvere e Sale

    Polvere e Sale

    In a world which is continually interchanging, expanding and disintegrating, Change becomes perhaps our only certainty.  Photography, among other things, tries in vain to freeze the instant for eternity.   Guido Cozzi, through  his alchemic  [...]

  • Postmetropolis


    These days “the world….has become, in many of its practical aspects, just one city” (Lewis Mumford, The City in History)…”to take interest in the city, therefore, is a way to dedicate oneself to the mysteries of the world and of our own experience” [...]

  • Botteghe


    For the first time in the history of this city, there are perhaps only a few dozen true craftsmen left.  This project consists in documenting their places of work their “Botteghe” (workshops) and their daily routines without changing any objects or [...]

  • Skyscrapers


    These days “the world….has become, in many of its practical aspects, just one city” (Lewis Mumford, The City in History)…”to take interest in the city, therefore, is a way to dedicate oneself to the mysteries of the world and of our own experience” [...]

  • white


    Small fur-trees weighted down with snow, bare larches.  Tiny skiers, like paper cutouts on a snow-white sheet.  Small cableways highlighted against the ashen sky.  Huge rock walls encrusted with white, glimpsed through the mist.  [...]

  • Ballads


    The work on show is from the BALLADS project, and is a series of  images obtained through the process of superimposition of photographic and painted images.  Multiexposures and other techniques contribute to redefining the first image, which is [...]

  • Palingenesi


    In presenting Fabio Zonta’s work, it would be well to recall Democrito’s thoughts in which the universe is formed only to disintegrate and then to recreate.  While legitimizing these ideas, we must keep to mind that his images  are generated by the observation, or  [...]

  • Relitti


    “Humanity is not wrecked, it is under construction.  It belongs to History.  History which is often tragic, and often  unfair, but it is without doubt a part of everyday life”  (Marc Augé). If we could choose the appropriate  images to illustrate this famous anthropologist’s [ ...]

  • H.P.


    “As I once said, a woman’s body is a marvellous thing;  in publicity it is by far the better image, better than the product that it is trying to sell…But a lot depends on how that body is depicted and for what reason it is being resorted to. Vulgarity is both  repulsive  [...]

  • Città Nuova

    Città Nuova

    The artist, inspired by his desire to reclaim history, experience and tradition, studies every detail of each single marble component in Florentine architecture,   presenting them in compositions called “Città Nuova” without however loosing sight of the historical   [...]

  • Linea di Confine

    Linea di Confine

    Wide-open spaces draw Falletta like a magnet and lead him to travel to places where nature reveals herself in all her greatness.  The protagonist is the horizon that sketches a borderline delimiting  the balance between sky, sea and land  [...]

  • Iceland from above

    Iceland from above

    Santioli’s images testify to the uniqueness of an island where the breathtakingly beautiful countryside appears unchanged since it was created.  “My interest in photography”, states Sandro – “is concentrated  principally  on the search for  the universally   [...]

  • Panorama Toscana

    Panorama Toscana

    A selection from his monumental work on the Tuscan landscape. Landscape which was  formed throughout the centuries by a miraculous balance between History and Nature, handed down to us through wise administration of this highly populated territory.  [...]

  • Vegetable Chic

    Vegetable Chic

    Forms taken from daily life, developing according to the laws of nature which decree that beauty must take its form from its function.  The photographer has cross-sectioned fruit and vegetables, thereby exaggerating the beauty of the subject matter. [...]

  • Snowfall


    In these images Florence, one of the most photographed cities of the world, reveals itself in all its splendour:  a thick cloak of snow endows it with a magical atmosphere, everything is muffled [...]

  • Sezione Aurea

    Sezione Aurea

    The harmonious proportions of renaissance architecture are portrayed in these images, made possible through digital technology, with a style that evokes the purity of design of the original layout. [...]

  • john lennon wall

    john lennon wall

    Since the tragic death of John Lennon, a wall on the island of Kampa, in the heart of Prague, has become a symbol for the young people  of Prague.  Political poster, notice board for the world’s free  [..].

  • Piazza Signoria

    Piazza Signoria

    Revealing details of the works of art to be found on one of the most beautiful squares in the world, have been rediscovered and digitalized using the old method of dark room printing. [...]