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Manticore School Armor is a new set of witch armor added in the Blood and Wine expansion pack. This is an exact copy of the armor from the first game - medium armor with bonuses useful for the alchemy build. You must be at least level 40 to use it. In this guide, we are going to show you where to find the Manticore School Armor part in Witcher 3. You can read where to find the rest of the armor at First you need to find the Blacksmith Grandmaster, it is quite easy to do this, just take an order from the Bulletin board in the main market. Coming to him, he will tell you about the five witchers who went to his teacher for special armor, but the trouble was that all the drawings were lost with them. But since Geralt is also profitable, the blacksmith offers him a deal. We are his blueprints, and he is our armor. All honestly, we are leaving. We go to the ruined prison of Bastoy, which is northwest of Bockler, where we find a dilapidated tower on the right and climb the wall there. Further, the Swan Sanctuary in the north of Tussent. Upon entering the sanctuary, break Aard down the wall, defeat the ghost and take the blueprints and the next clue from the small chest, right from the entrance.
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